When Laddawn founder, Paul Lavallee, decided to be America’s only supplier of stock poly bags, film and tubing to manufacture his own inventory, he designed innovative manufacturing processes and equipment to support fast, short runs. The unintended consequence was our ability to take smaller custom orders and produce them quickly, too. Short lead times and smaller order minimums have been calling cards for Laddawn ever since.

This summer, our latest round of investments in best technologies for blown film extrusion and converting are coming online in all five production facilities. These capital project installations will continue into the fall but, really, we never stop. After all, sustaining aggressive lead times and production agility have helped define us for over
forty years.

If you have not logged on to get pricing and lead times on your custom item opportunities lately, take a look. You’ll like what you see.

Of course, helping America’s packaging distributors sustain profitable sales requires more than great lead times. It is also about streamlining a distributor’s work with tools inspired by the best consumer websites. Then, we add practical features tailor-made for you. Case in point: Laddawn.com’s Shipping and Workflow Preferences.

While B2C e-businesses have to consider things like providing an overnight shipping choice or whether a signature is required for delivery, B2B packaging distributors have to worry about much, much more. Getting things like LTL and small package carrier options, billing, pallet heights, pack slips, paperwork, and labeling preferences consistently right is what makes business sticky. Now, rather than keep those requirements in binders or on Post-it® notes, distributor sourcing professionals just set those preferences on Laddawn.com.

This year, packaging distributors will turn to Laddawn to drop ship to over 50,000 end users on their behalf. They will do it with confidence because of our shorter lead times, certainly, but also because they are sure we will get it right. Shipping and Workflow Preferences are just one more programmatic solution to commonplace challenges distributors face every day. Shipping and Workflow Preferences: only at Laddawn.com.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Devens, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business. 

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience