For nearly twenty years, we’ve worked diligently to develop software and workflow systems in support of the industry’s best online sourcing experience. We continue to make our mark with instant pricing and lead times, and with accurate, responsive and friendly service. In turn, you’ve rewarded us with the sort of accelerated growth that makes all this innovation possible.

With growth like this comes the need for investment in software development, customer facing staff and, of course, manufacturing and warehousing. How can we be sure to protect the sort of custom lead times you’ve always enjoyed with Laddawn? That’s where Berry Global comes in.

In the oncoming weeks and months, a number of new Berry investments will come to fruition. These include the latest technologies in blown film extrusion and converting. As those investments come online in Laddawn facilities across the country, you can expect greater agility in production and a return to the sort of aggressive lead times we’ve always been known for.

In January, we introduced two important subcategories of the Chicopee® brand of industrial wipers to our stock line up: Durawipe® wipers and shop towels as well as Veraclean® critical cleaning wipers. Chicopee represents just the first of many Berry Global products and technologies now available to Laddawn. So far, so good. We’re stocking 35 items from the heart of the Chicopee line, in dispenser boxes, flat packed and in jumbo rolls. You’re logging on and quoting in earnest and you’re telling us you like what you see.

Next, we asked you about hand stretch film. The vast majority of you told us that you’d love us to carry it. After all, hand stretch products make up nearly half of the overall stretch market in which Berry has earned a formidable leadership position. Better still, you’ve told us that Laddawn would be the perfect source for medium and smaller orders, shipped the same day.

So, here it is: introducing Laddawn’s new line of stock Hand Stretch and Banding Film. We’ve included 19 of the most popular sizes of cast, blown and pre-stretched product. Engineered for best in class performance, these items offer superb puncture resistance and terrific clarity. Turn to page 69 or log on to right now to check it out.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Dallas, Devens and Reno, thank you for your business.

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience