Happy Birthday Laddawn.com 2.0! Five years ago, amid a storm that brought Boston’s winter snow to a total of over five feet, Laddawn 2.0 was born. A testament to Laddawn’s talented and dedicated software development teams and user experience staff, 2.0 redefined sourcing for America’s industrial packaging distributor. Robust and intuitive, Laddawn.com 2.0 made sourcing simpler, faster and even a little fun.

The genius of Laddawn.com 2.0 was removing the distinction between stock and custom. For the first time, simple searches generated a universe of options with pricing and lead times, stock and custom, in seconds. Unlimited carts provided the freedom to work on many opportunities at once. Bundling stock and custom in the same shipment saved time and money. Setting preferences ensured shipping accuracy. Perhaps best of all, sharing item pricing and lead times right from the site provided an unbeatable competitive edge.

Today, distributor sourcing, service and sales professionals are logging on to Laddawn.com in record numbers. About 3,000 times each day, in fact. They are searching nearly 4,000 times each day. They are saving, sharing and purchasing in record numbers, too.

Since the launch of 2.0, Laddawn’s software and UX teams have been busy. They built and integrated the intuitive and powerful Print Designer, where customers generate their own technical printed bag drawings confidently in minutes. They made it easier to find and view products, pricing and price breaks, and they added dozens of items in a host of new packaging categories. If you have not logged on to Laddawn.com yet, what are you waiting for? Log on and check it out
or just ask us to take it for a spin with you. Buckle up, though. It’s pretty fast.

Finally, there is good news to share on the pricing front for three important Laddawn stock product categories. Prices on Laddawn’s stock Mattress and Furniture bags have been reduced by 10%. Prices on our entire portfolio of stock Polypropylene items, including all Lip & Tape, Wicketed, Layflat, Gusseted and Zip Top bags, have been reduced by up to 15%. Check out the new prices in this issue or, better yet, log on and see what everyone’s talking about.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Devens, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business.

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience