There’s a lot going on in today’s market for polyethylene. As lower cost shale gas propels new production, North American producers are positioning themselves to service global demand. They’re banking on a healthy U.S. economy, too, of course. But, while growth in U.S. polyethylene consumption is projected to be about 2%, Asia will grow over 4%. For now, North America’s polyethylene producers have excess capacity. That’s good news for America’s packaging distributors.

We enter the summer months more optimistic about the market for domestically produced low- and linear low-density products. Today, we are pleased to leverage our buying power, nationwide manufacturing, and extensive inventory to provide lower prices.

Prices on all Laddawn-made and other domestically produced stock items have been reduced by 5%. 

You’ll find nearly 1,500 stock items with reduced prices in this catalog. Prices on imported items, including all Laddawn reclosables, smaller and specialty bags have not benefited from today’s more favorable domestic polyethylene costs. Their prices remain unchanged.

There is good news to share on the new product front, as well. In March, we added 19 of the most popular sizes of Hand Stretch and Banding Film. We included cast, blown and pre-stretched. You told us that Laddawn would be the perfect source for medium and smaller orders, shipped the same day. You also told us you’d buy more if we priced these items more aggressively. Done!

Prices on Laddawn Hand Stretch and Banding Film have been reduced by 20% (or more).

Finally, in March, we also added 16 stock Stand Up Pouches in the most common sizes and styles used for food packaging. We included 4 film options: clear nylon, silver metalized, white foil, and clear front/silver metalized back. Side-sealed and bottom gusseted, all have a K-Style configuration and hang hole, a tear notch, and zipper closure. If you’ve not yet checked out Laddawn’s new stock line up of Stand Up Pouches, turn to page 47 or, better yet, log on to today.

Stock product additions like these add to the industry’s best sourcing experience. What other items can we stock for you?

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Devens, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business.

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience