Recently, a Laddawn employee emailed, “Today, one of my new coworkers threw my mouse into the dog’s water bowl!” No doubt, working from home during these extraordinary times has been an adventure. We hope this message finds you well and safe with your coworkers, wherever you are.

America’s packaging distributors play a vital role during times of constrained manufacturing and supply, and never more so than now. As part of the supply chain that provides packaging and materials to critical infrastructure industries, you literally deliver where it matters. We are grateful for your dedication and the agility that makes this possible. From all of us at Laddawn, thank you. 

As always, we are well positioned to provide you with an uninterrupted supply of products. By manufacturing most of what we sell, maintaining a diverse global and domestic vendor network for the rest, and because we maintain a robust inventory, Laddawn is simply less vulnerable to stock outs or delays. Better still, Berry Global, our parent since August of 2018, has an unrivaled network of production capacity capable of supporting your larger orders and engineered solutions.

Of course, continues to be the engine that drives our business. 2.0 speeds the flow of your business by providing prices and lead times in seconds. Now, 3.0 is almost here. An even smarter, faster e-commerce experience, 3.0 has been designed to accommodate your ever-increasing appetite for packaging products. It features a better product menu architecture and new, visually intuitive product builders. Simply put, you will have access to more products, pricing and lead times, faster.

Finally, there is a lot to talk about on the product front. This month, we added 11 stock sizes of Boat Film (heavy-duty industrial shrink). Machine Grade Top Sheeting is now available in 60” and 72” widths and custom sizes are soon to be available on Next up, our breadth of stock Hand Stretch just improved with the addition of 6 new sizes of the best selling items from Berry’s industry-leading portfolio. Need something big for shipping, transportation or airline industry applications? Log on to configure Jumbo Bags up to 240” wide with a gusset. You will find new popular sizes of stock Ice Bags, too, and an increased offering of stock Slider Tops up to 22” x 22”. Check out the new items in this issue or, better yet, log on to right now.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Devens, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business.

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience