What a year it’s been for America’s polyethylene consumers. The excess capacity that helped define prices throughout 2019 is gone. We entered 2020 with heightened overseas competition for North American made resin. Lower consumption during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic reduced resin prices, but it was short lived. By late summer, U.S. businesses rebounded in earnest, expediting orders to address lower inventories throughout the supply chain. Finally, this fall’s active hurricane season capped a sort of perfect cost storm.

It has always been our policy to leverage our extensive inventory and buying power to provide a more stable marketplace. Today, we are pleased to note that Laddawn’s custom item cost increases have lagged behind many others. Still, we expect these unfavorable market forces to continue into the new year.

Because prices are provided in real time on Laddawn.com, many of you are requoting existing business more often. It’s a quick and effective way to see how costs have moved and to help you plan accordingly for new customer conversations. We will continue to do all we can to support you. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

There is also a lot to talk about on the new products front. Thanks to Laddawn.com 3.0’s more intuitive design, you are now finding and building more items in more categories. Logins and orders are up, new visitors and order sizes are way up. More importantly, Laddawn.com 3.0 has allowed us to make more Berry Global industrial packaging items available to you online.

In August, we added 60 of the most popular Berry branded can liners, from Rhino-X® HD and Big City® LLD to PG6 Repro and Hospi-Tuff® liners, and Wing Tie® contractor bags. Berry liners ship in minimum order quantities of just a single pallet layer, freight-free. Need a better price? Combine different items to earn deeper discounts.

Next up: Stretch Film. For higher volume loads that require precise speed and consistency, you’ll find Berry’s most popular cast and blown machine film on Laddawn.com, too. Available in as little as single pallet quantities, you’ll find 36 items from Berry’s seven most popular machine stretch brands. Turn to page 52 or, better yet, log on to Laddawn.com to check it out.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Devens, Dallas and Reno, Happy Holidays!

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience