At home, professionals in America’s B2B packaging space are using apps like Open Table® to book dinners, Kayak® for trips and Amazon® for purchases at home. On their way to work, they’re looking to Waze® to avoid traffic while listening to playlists tailored to their preferences by Spotify®. Then, at work, they park those expectations at the door. They call, they fax, they wait.

In just the first six months of 2018, over six-hundred of you joined our movement. You logged on to and searched for items for the first time. You generated prices and lead times for custom and stock, made and sourced. Over two hundred of you used Print Designer for the first time, generating technical drawings along with those prices and lead times. Then, you shared all that information with customers and colleagues quickly, right from Welcome to industry’s most intelligent sourcing experience.

Here at Laddawn, online orders are up. Online order sizes are way up. It’s no wonder. From standard layflat and gusseted bags to poly mailers, lip and tape, wicketed and zipper top bags – stock and custom, plain and printed – you’re searching, saving, sharing and purchasing in record numbers. You’re finding the information you need, more often, faster. And faster is what it’s all about.

There are a number of references to speed in this month’s issue. Speed to find items you need. Speed to get prices and lead times on custom items. Speed to generate printed bag proofs. And, speed to set up shipping, labeling and packaging preferences, ensuring that every order complies with your customer’s most stringent requirements.

We look at the best business interactions and we ask, “What are they doing?” We call these “Model Service Experiences.” We then bring them to life online for you. is great because it is the industry’s first comprehensive sourcing website. But it’s extraordinary because of the hundreds of ways it allows you to manage your work.

So, welcome aboard new users. We’re raising the bar for online user experience in the B2B packaging marketplace. Searching, designing, sharing, saving and setting customer preferences is just the beginning.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business.

— Ladd and Dawn