Higher raw material inventories, sluggish demand and weaker energy markets have culminated in a helpful pricing shift for polyethylene consumers. Increases garnered by resin producers from December to May have now largely been given back. Domestic polyethylene buyers are reclaiming the upper hand. We’re pleased to pass on lower prices on Laddawn-made and other domestically produced products.

Prices on Laddawn-made and other domestically produced stock items have been reduced by 5%. 

Merchandise and garment bags have been reduced slightly less. A small handful of other specialty items, including static shielding, black conductive, bubble zipper top and pre-opened bags, have not changed.

Most analysts predict further declines in the cost of domestically produced polyethylene but the rate of change is unclear. North American polyolefin capacity expansion projects are certain to support lower prices this fall. However, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts tighter domestic energy markets over the same period. We remain optimistic.

Now in its third year, Laddawn.com 2.0 remains the industry’s only online search engine for industrial packaging products to provide instant options, pricing and lead times. In a typical month, America’s packaging distributors will log on to Laddawn.com and conduct nearly fifty thousand searches. You’re describing it as a consumer experience in a B2B marketplace and that’s music to our ears.

It’s no surprise then that distributors across America are turning to Laddawn more often for more items in more categories. This month, in response to your requests, we are pleased to expand two product categories on Laddawn.com. Under Reclosable Bags, you can now get instant pricing and lead times on custom sizes of Slider Tops. Under Sheeting, you can now get instant prices and lead times on custom sizes of Cut Sheets.

When you don’t find the item or category you need, you’re letting us know. It’s why we added custom Slider Tops and Cut Sheets. And, it’s why you’ll be able to use Print Designer to design, price and order printed Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls soon. We’re grateful for your feedback. Expect more additions in the weeks and months ahead.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business.

– Ladd & Dawn