In January, we shared our belief that the next decade would be about bringing consumer quality websites and apps to the B2B marketplace. It’s why we introduced Laddawn 2.0, a platform that would allow us to bring the best customer experiences to life online. Print Designer, we said, was the first addition to the site, but it would be just the tip of the iceberg.

Introducing Laddawn’s Wicketed Bag Builder.

Would your customer like tear starts or perforations? Dimensions, gauge, count per wicket? Do they need a header: front, back or both? Oh, and don’t forget that wicket length isn’t the full length of the wire; measure it from the back. What about wicket spacing and lip length?

Getting a price on a wicketed bag shouldn’t be like doing your taxes. With our new online Wicketed Bag Builder, each of the intricate options of a custom wicketed bag is presented visually, taking time and complexity out and giving anyone the power to secure new business with confidence. Since we introduced Wicketed Bag Builder last month, correctly specifying the complex features of a wicketed bag is a breeze. You told us that presenting things visually just
makes sourcing easier. Better still, many of you are finding our Wicketed Bag Builder to be the perfect complement to Print Designer. You’re printing on wicketed bags, too.

In Print Designer’s first three months, you designed thousands of printed bags at Many of you had never sourced a printed bag before. Half of you directly uploaded your customers’ images to produce completed designs in minutes. About forty percent of the time, you used Quick Price to obtain pricing and lead times without having to ask your customers for artwork. The rest of the time, you took advantage of Laddawn’s common stock images, like recyclable logos and suffocation warnings, cutting lead times and eliminating plate costs.

Online tools like Print Designer and Wicketed Bag Builder are just the beginning. Expect more innovation at as we continue to raise the bar for online user experience in the B2B packaging marketplace.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Dallas and Reno, thank you for your business.

– Ladd and Dawn