Fast is good. Ask a cheetah chasing down its next meal.

But fast isn’t everything. Ask a cheetah.

When the hunt is on, a cheetah can outsprint any prey it chooses – perks of being the fastest animal on the planet – but it can still be outmaneuvered. That’s why the wise ones rarely go full throttle in their hunts. Instead, they’ll ease up on the speed so they can corner better and faster, staying right on an impala’s tail when it suddenly changes course. Fast is good, but being in control and able to make hairpin turns is better. Acceleration plus a couple sharp turns equals dinner. It’s the cheetah version of “work smarter, not harder.”

You’ll never see a cheetah in a suit. Spots are stylish, still in vogue. That said, cheetahs prefer to lead by example. In business, the winners are the ones who don’t just move fast. They can pivot fast, too, adapting to changes in the moment. Strategy and tactics override “how we’ve always done it.”

More Than Speed

The hunt never ends. And you need to know where to hunt. That’s why we’ve put almost everything you could need on, so it’s always ready when you and your customers smell an opportunity. A strong snout does come in handy. Your standby products are ready to go, and you can easily sniff out more. All the info you need is right there, instantly. can help you source, quote, and share them. That’s true for custom orders as well as stock options. Our breadth of product offerings enables flexibility and ensures reliability. Go a hundred different directions without breaking a sweat or straining a muscle. Strong legs matter.

Of course, finding a solution quickly is futile if you run into purchase minimums. Here, you can ship as little as a single case of stock items, and order minimums stay low on custom items too. Custom items get scheduled for production at the same time you place your order. Competitive lead times mean opportunity can’t outrun you. Truth is, our manufacturing and distribution capabilities play a, yes, pivotal role today.

Cheetahs don’t get cheated

Like cheetahs, we don’t hunt alone. We want to help you nab the opportunity every single time.

How to measure Laddawn’s reliability? As we said, five facilities nationwide. And then there’s the number and strength of our vendor partnerships. Each one of our 40 vendors has a vetted track record in their operations and QC standards. We’ve gotten to know their strengths, enabling us to leverage their specialties to fill all kinds of orders.

Now, we have stronger teeth, too. Through our partnership with Berry Global, our ability to source more items quickly and efficiently has continued to grow — items like Dumpster Liners, Boat & Industrial Shrink Film, Jumbo Bags & Machine Grade Top Sheeting, to name a few. And there’s more to come.

Better grip on the ground

A streamlined body built for coordinated speed. Every distributor is a different animal. Each with its unique needs, supply and demands. Get in, get a quote, get it to a customer. Get on, get it ordered, get a production timeline. We understand this. We account for this.

With nearly 60 extrusion lines in five manufacturing facilities, Laddawn produces custom LD and LLD polyethylene bags, tubing and sheeting from 4 inches to 150 inches in gauges of 0.75–8 mil. This kind of flexibility ensures reliability. You can choose from 16 standard colors, three venting styles, printed and unprinted, with over a dozen performance additives like UVI, VCI, and static control. And with Berry, our range is still growing. (See Jumbo Bags)

Let’s not forget the power of Print Designer and the Wicketed Bag Builder. We tamed the printing beast. Print on two sides on many bags. Utilize color counting to make pricing more accurate. Get detailed layouts in seconds. Speaking of printing, here comes The Wicketed Bag Builder. It’s optimized for printing. You can add text, graphics, logos and more. Grab custom sizes and secure pricing and lead times in seconds.

While you’re on the path and prowl, our customer experience staff are the friendliest and most informed in the biz. They’re subject matter experts at your beck and call. You can leverage their expertise whenever you need to pivot fast and go in a new direction.

Survival of the Fittest: Here comes 3.0.

The sun rises, the chase continues. Adapt. Flex. Pivot. Reinvent. Follow the opportunity even when it changes course. Outflank them. We’re here to help you stay light and lean.

In the coming months, you’ll see us applying these maxims in some new ways. Laddawn 3.0 is almost ready to hit the ground running. Contrary to popular opinion, you can change your spots. And improve your speed, efficiency, productivity, look and feel. There, the cat’s out of the bag. We do it all in stride.

Fast is good. And fast is going to get even better.