Tell your colleagues you have to head to the DMV, and you’re rewarded with a universal groan. No one likes to waste their time waiting for an indefinite (or is it infinite?) amount of time. It’s why we love ordering on Amazon rather than driving to a big box store. It’s why you choose the fast food joint with the shorter line and reputation for speed. You want to know just how long it’s going to take.

We could get all philosophical about when patience is a virtue, but hey, there are customers waiting. Your customers want stuff done right, but they still want it yesterday. Yep, even on custom print orders. And we get it. The speed of your business is the rate of your success.

Here at Laddawn, we’re all about speeding up the flow of our distributors’ business in measurable ways. With us, you know just how long a request will take—except it’s really how short. We can save you minutes, days, or even weeks on process, paperwork and transactions.

Want to test it out? Go ahead and get out your stopwatch. Lezzgo.

The 16 + 13 + 19 Time Trial

First off, we’re talking seconds to get pricing and lead times—even on custom orders. On, you can call up any item type and get a price and a lead time in just 16 seconds. No waiting around just because it’s a custom item. You’ll even get suggestions for similar options, so you can substitute an item that can ship the same day or discover a new option.

And nowhere are Laddawn’s speedy power-ups more impressive than on custom print jobs. You can get a technical drawing whipped up in seconds, not days. Really. Print Designer lets you add real art or a placeholder in just 13 seconds. You’ve just gone from zero to a full mock up in a breezy 29 seconds.

Now you’ve got pricing, availability, shipping, and even registered printing info all at your fingertips.

Take another 19 seconds to add your markup and share the end user price with your customer. Boom, they get a professionally laid-out quote with your branding and notes. All you had to do was hit Send.

You just built a custom printed bag and delivered all the details to your customer in a total of 48 seconds.

Yeah, seconds. That’s literally three days faster than the industry standard on custom quotes. And it’s all done in one fell swoop from your laptop. Who needs the slow, awkward dance of email, call backs, and clarification? Get the info you need in less than a minute.

Speedy Doesn’t Mean Sloppy

Sure, you want fast. Truth is, you also need precision and accuracy. As you know, nothing grinds things to a halt like a simple quoting error or order mistake. We’ve built tools for this kind of thing as well. 

Does a particular customer require special shipping instructions? No need to call and hope customer service can flag the order for you. You can change your shipping, labeling, and packing preferences for different accounts in mere seconds on Then, just hit Save.

After that, all your carrier choices, contact numbers, and even delivery windows are ready to go. You’ve ensured the accuracy and reliability of this order AND future orders for this customer in just a few clicks.

Keep Your Momentum from One Opportunity to the Next

There’s one more power-up you can add to your arsenal. Laddawn is the only player in the industry that lets you save multiple carts at once. This lets you jump between customers with ease. You never have to worry about missing a piece of info and having to start over later. Who has time for that?

Work on as many carts as you need. Save and jump between them at any point. Then wrap them up when you’re ready. This means you can start a new quote request the moment it comes in, without a bunch of sticky notes littering your desk first.

You know that registered print bag we mentioned earlier? Save it to its own cart and then you’re ready to chase down the next sale. Elapsed turnaround time? About 5 seconds.