Wake up. Yawn. STRETCH. Feel the fog start to lift. It’s time to rock the day.

There’s a science behind your morning stretch. If you want to feel fancy, just say you’re pandiculating for a moment. Yes, it’s a thing. It wakes up your muscles after lying dormant in one position, gets the heart pumping faster after its slower nocturnal rhythm. Things pop back into place and leftover tension eases up with the alignment.

You just stretched your way into carpe diem.

Joining forces with Berry Global has been a stretching experience of its own. It’s awakened new possibilities, taught us about staying loose as we build some muscle, gotten stuff moving in new directions. They’re also a market leader in all things stretch film, boasting a full line of products ranging from value-priced to ultra-high performance films. The installed stretch film capacity of Berry is approximately 500,000 tonnes a year! With Berry in our corner, our sourcing capabilities are stretching farther and farther.

And now, the stretch is literal.

Wake Up New Possibilities with Hand Stretch Film

As a packaging distributor, you see where this is going. You’ve told us that hand stretch film is already in your wheelhouse. Now, it’s in finally in ours, too.

We’re debuting a new stock line of Hand Stretch and Banding Film, including 19 of the most popular sizes. You’ll find a SKU to match the most common specs for hand stretch film. There’s cast, blown, and pre-stretched product. Engineered for best in class performance, these items offer incredible puncture resistance and terrific clarity.

You get the idea. Actually, it was your idea. These product choices are directed by your feedback and what you’re using most. You get credit for exactly what’s getting added to the ever-growing repertoire.

It’s a full gamut of palletization products for today, tomorrow, and the days that stretch beyond them.

Why Stretch Makes Sense

Stand up. Stretch break. Pandiculate. Feel better? Let’s do some more carpe diem-ing.

Shipping is evolving, from the pop-up independent fulfillment guys to big pallet shipments. Polyethylene stretch film is at the top of its game for its ability to keep shipments tight and protected while also protecting the bottom line. Hand stretch film is getting smarter too, with pre-stretch options that require far less physical force to achieve the same load stability.

Stretch is in. We’re here to get it in faster.

You’ve consistently chosen Laddawn for our ability to, well, stretch. To get what you need, where you need it, fast. To help you and your customers when you’re in a pinch today and the mega manufacturer’s timeline is weeks down the road. Now hand stretch film gets the Laddawn treatment.

This new product line gives distributors a tight, focused offering powered by the Berry/Laddawn partnership. That means no scrounging up a massive order when all you need is a case or two. No waiting 4-8 weeks and making do in the meantime.

Like everything offered in Laddawn’s stock program, products from the hand stretch line ship within 24 hours. Get on Laddawn.com, order, done. That’s no stretch.

Find Your Perfect Stretch on Laddawn.com

So go ahead. Seize your market with some good stretch. Hand stretch film is available in sizes and quantities that make sense and arrive fast. No squeeze.