It’s a trippy psychological occurrence and the reason why you trip over packaging on every call.

You’ve probably experienced this already. Remember the last time you were in the market for a new car? You did some research, visited the dealership, and eventually your heart became set on a particular make and model. Next thing you know, every time you got behind the wheel you started to see that particular vehicle everywhere.

It’s no coincidence. There were just as many BMW’s on the road the day before you decided you wanted one as the day after. Chalk it up to the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. It applies to your professional life too. Here’s what I mean.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

For years, Laddawn has given sales presentations to distributors like yourself. We always love the chance to meet with salespeople because spending an hour talking about our products with them means those salespeople will soon hit the road with plastic bags, tubing, and sheeting on their mind.

It’s amazing. We talk about products, applications, and opportunities for a short time and the next thing you know, that same salesperson starts searching on, getting results, and saving carts and items. Turns out, they had been walking right by this stuff at their accounts for years. All of a sudden, flexible packaging is waiting for them around every corner.

The reason? When it comes to creating or recognizing patterns, the human brain is remarkably capable. This particular type of pattern recognition, Baader-Meinhof, is strengthened by the recency effect. In other words, when our pal Baader-Meinhof pairs with what you’ve learned recently, you increase the chances of noticing the subject the next time you come across it.

You sell a bazillion things: corrugated boxes, strapping, tape, labels, bubble wrap, and containers. The list goes on, we get it. Flexible packaging makes up only a percentage of how you pay the bills. That said, what’s better than an add on sale to an existing customer? They’re buying this stuff already, it may as well be from you, right? Or maybe that bin liner or pallet cover is the item that gets your foot in the door at a particular account.

The trick is noticing. Let us know how we can help.