When we launched our new website early in 2014, we could have easily rubbed our hands together, put our feet up for a bit, exhaled and said “nice job, now let’s sit back and see what happens.”

But that’s not how we work.

Since day one of the Laddawn.com launch, we’ve quietly made many tweaks to make the overall functionality better and we’re always – always – thinking about ways we can make your online experience better.

That leads us to today’s post about some new online functionality that we think you’re going to love.

One common topic we heard from customers is that for made-on-demand product quantities (custom), the total weight of the product and number of pallets wasn’t always totally clear. Message delivered.  We got to work to solve that problem and are happy to announce that you now have that information at your fingertips, even before you check out. Boom!

So how do you do it? Easy. When you get your search results, simply mouse-over your quantity. A window will dynamically appear (see image below). There you will see the maximum number of cases per pallet, a summary of your order quantity, the weight of your order and how many pallets to expect.

No need to wonder or guess anymore. With more helpful information, you can order with confidence. Laddawn just got way better – and we’ve just saved you some valuable time. Look for more improvements coming soon.

non-stop improvement

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