Let’s talk about shipping.

It starts with our relatively young, national love affair with denim. Sure, jeans are a wardrobe staple now, but the trend is still fairly new. Before the 1940s jeans were just for cowboys and carpenters – nobody in polite society wore them. Then, U.S. servicemen took to wearing them in their downtime. Movies like James Dean’s Rebel Without a Cause popularized jeans among the younger crowd. By the 1970s, denim was de facto casual wear for most Americans. Jeans went from a niche market to a billion-dollar industry in the span of a generation.

The evolution of style and shopping trends is fast. And sometimes, the changes usher in a whole new American way of life.


The Evolution of Online Shopping . . .

Fashion and shopping go hand in hand. Shopping and the mobile internet are even cozier than that. Everyone and their toddler have a smartphone or mobile device these days, and they are using them for way more than making calls. Here’s a chalkboard and some facts:


Number of Americans that prefer online shopping

Average annual e-commerce revenue per shopper in the U.S.

People expected to make an online purchase worldwide in 2021


Online purchases made through a mobile device

Ecommerce sales in U.S. dollars worldwide in 2020

Mobile shopping has more than quintupled in volume since 2014, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The pandemic pushed more shoppers online, increasing U.S. e-commerce sales by $244.2 billion in 2020 – that’s a 43% growth rate. Everyone wants a piece of this magically growing pie.


. . . Sparks the Evolution of Shipping.

Here’s where it gets good for distributors like you. As online shopping evolves, third-party order fulfillment companies are popping up left and right. Their business model centers around packaging and shipping. You can bet your cowboy boots they’re capitalizing on cheaper and lighter shipping methods (i.e., Poly Mailers). And why not? Poly Mailers are cost-effective, more secure, and easily branded. The U.S. Poly Mailer market is expected to reach $ 2 Billion by 2031. It’s a whole new mail and ship world. Laddawn is right in the thick of it with bigger, better than ever Mailing & Shipping inventory options.


The North American polybag mailers market is expected to reach ~US$ 2 Billion by 2031

Get Branded with Print Designer.

Packaging isn’t just packaging anymore – it’s an opportunity to showcase brand value. Companies pay attention to the packaging their products arrive in, opting for brightly colored and printed mailers. Blank space is an opportunity for advertisement. Print Designer brings branding to the forefront with simplicity and speed. Upload artwork immediately or select our quick price option to still receive pricing in seconds without an image – that’s multiple colors on multiple sides with multiple options. Share print proofs with your customers instantly. You get versatility and customization without sacrificing lead time or quality.


Poly Mailers check all the boxes—without being a box.

Get Started. Get Expanded.

Eventually, inevitably, that first pair of jeans just didn’t fit. You needed another size, options. The same holds true for Poly Mailers. Laddawn stocks and sources the universe of Poly Mailers. An unlimited array of custom sizes, printed and plain, is just a click away. All Poly Mailers are made with a co-extruded blend of LDPE & LLDPE and are white on the outside and silver on the inside for opacity. After that, all types are represented: standard non-perforated, perforated, returnable, expandable, and now, Poly Mailers made with 50% Recycled Content and Poly Bubble Mailers.

Get Greener.

As more customers notice the packaging that their products come in, they become more aware of its environmental impact. The debate is still out on eco-friendly vs. sustainable options, but one you can’t argue with is recycled content. Reusing plastic and keeping it out of the waste stream is by and by a good thing – they’re even doing it with jeans these days. Our new Poly Mailers with 50% Recycled Content contain 30% Post-Consumer Recycled material and 20% Post-Industrial Recycled material. It’s a small step toward a broader effort by Laddawn and Berry Global to reduce waste and create plastic sustainability. 

Get More Cushion with Less Space

Your jeans will survive the journey unscathed, but without added protection, that new coffee mug might as well have hit the bricks. Our new Poly Bubble Mailers offer an extra layer of shock proof security with an 1/8” bubble lining. No more big boxes full of foam or unnecessary extra plastic – You get more out of your packaging, with less of it. Bubble it seems, comes with its benefits.

Still a Better Way to Buy.

Sea changes in shopping mean shipping will never be the same. And Laddawn is leading the charge. As America’s most comprehensive source for Poly Mailers, Suffocation Warning Bags, Packing List Envelopes and Postal Approved Lip & Tape Bags, Laddawn is becoming the place for Mail and Ship. Tuck that in your back pocket.