It is an unsettling time for the world’s polyolefin suppliers as a number of events
converge to push prices lower. We enter the spring with energy and feedstock costs
far from their peaks and China’s economy slowing to twenty-year lows. Today, with
ethylene production running largely uninterrupted, inventories remain strong. This
is good news for the manufacturing sector and great news for America’s packaging

Prices in the newest catalog (March-April 2016) have been reduced 7%.

This decrease includes nearly two thousand Laddawn made and imported items
including all layflat, gusseted and reclosable bags. A handful of items have decreased
less; however, you’ll find even larger price reductions on several other important
categories including our Linear Low and High-Density Liners, now down 9%.

It is an exciting time to turn to Laddawn for stock items. With growing manufacturing
capabilities and importing power, we have dramatically lowered prices on ninetythree
of our most commonly purchased small and medium sized layflat bags, too.

Here, you’ll find reductions of nearly 30% on average. If you haven’t compared prices,
inventories and lead times recently, log on and take a fresh look. We are certain you
will like what you see.

On the new products front, we now offer a core assortment of the most commonly
used Polypropylene Lip & Tape Resealable Bags. This is Laddawn’s fourth polypropylene
product line and these rival any for performance at industry leading prices. Turn to the
Specialty Packaging or Food Packaging sections of this catalog to learn more. Better still,
log on to and enter the dimensions you need. You’ll find 10 of the most
commonly requested items in stock ready for same day shipping as well as instant
pricing and lead times on an unlimited array of custom sizes.

The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects this year’s
natural gas and crude oil prices to hold close to their 2015 averages. So, while today’s
lower costs are certain to rebound in the upcoming months, we look forward to a
more stable and competitive marketplace.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Boston, Cedar Rapids, Dallas and Reno,
thank you for your business.

Ladd Lavallee and Dawn Seiple, Co-Presidents