You approach a door. It opens. You walk in. You stop and ponder this… did you walk in through the out door or out through the in door? A giant clock ticks above your head. Focus. You’re traveling through another dimension, a space not only of sight and sides, but of design. It’s a place where the front and back have their say. A journey into wondrous color and options whose boundaries are that of your imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead (printed on two glorious sides, of course) your next stop… the new pumped up and swift Print Designer.

You think you’ve reached the outer limits of the industry’s fastest and simplest way to price, order and secure custom print business. You are wildly mistaken. Sidle up to this mind-blowing reality. You can now utilize registered print on the front, back and even on the bottom of bottom gusseted bags. When you can print on any side, you’re truly in the zone.

Design On All Sides. You’re surrounded. That’s a good thing.

Print Designer now provides accurate details of the specific item you need and lets you move from side to side to design with a click.

When can you see red and know it means go?

Printing can seem to be a lot of stop and go. Questions abound. The signs are everywhere. Color has to be right. There is identification and detection tossed in with a nuance here and there about photography and gradients. Of course, one must be color coordinated in other dimensions at all time. So, we have revamped our color recognition and counting to make pricing — and the overall experience — more accurate and reliable.

Better Color Detection. Color me impressed.

Laddawn’s New Print Designer includes proprietary new software for enhanced color detection.  Just tell us a little about the image you’re uploading and we’ll identify and count all the colors. You get an accurate design with the right colors.

Easy Color Management. You are now officially in the pink. Or green.

Once you place your art, you can manage your colors with just a few clicks. Spot colors not important to you? You could save a little money. Delete them and use 4-Color Process instead. That’s fewer plates to buy. Or, when a spot color matters, there’s a place for you to enter the right PMS color, too. 

The universe is random. Oh, but this is far from it.

Out in the grand abyss, inside your laptop, you have to trust your eyes, believe what you see. Adjust your coordinates. Print Designer will depict the actual product and its printable area. So now, if you happen to conjure an image of a woman in a yellow raincoat with yellow hair acting somewhat aloof, you can create it all, then revel in the details.

There’s even some fascinating interior design, streamlined to maximize workflow. Your hands seem to dance across the keys as you move effortlessly between sides, art, text, colors and more. You get refined technical drawings in a jiffy. Then you stop and think – I haven’t used that word in eons. All of this is ready to share in an instant. But something so precise and precious, your instincts whisper to keep it all to yourself. But you don’t. You can’t. Then, you notice something else. The layout, buttons and tools are in cahoots to master the fourth dimension – time. This new dimension is fast, nimble and agile. Print that.

This mystical machine is ready for you. The ending of this episode is not cryptic nor ominous. Printing is not experiencing its twilight. This is its heyday. There are so many sides to this story.  Just click the button and you will be transported. The new Print Designer. This isn’t some middle ground between science and superstition – it’s about superior printing… and sales.