Print Concierge

Caitlin Mahan

“The primary engines of history can be found within families, not between them.” Largely, Berkeley professor Frank Sulloway was talking about birth order. “Families,” he argues,“are sets of niches that give

children different perspectives.” Caitlin Mahan spent the first 11 years of her life as the last-born of four (a younger brother would follow) in an exceedingly close family.

Charming, tenacious, engaging and creative, last-borns are more likely to challenge the order of things and to develop pioneering personalities. They also love the limelight. Born in Bristol, Connecticut, and raised about 20 minutes west of our Devens office, Caitlin is all of those things. Ellen DeGeneres is a last-born. So are Goldie Hawn and Jon Stewart.

She studied graphic arts at a different high school than her siblings (see: “challenge the order of things”). She traveled to Miami, Los Angeles and New Jersey where she bartended, restored vintage film posters and managed large catering staffs (see: “pioneering personality”). Everywhere, she found success. In 2011, she returned to Massachusetts and reunited with an old friend who would become her perfect match.

The first time we met Caitlin was St. Patrick’s Day, 2011. Tending bar at a historic Irish pub, she remembers thinking, “this table can’t get out of here fast enough.” For the record, we found her delightful (see: “charming”). The second time, we hit it off. Two months later, Caitlin joined Laddawn’s Customer Experience Team.

Ever ready to stretch and learn (see: “tenacious”), Caitlin joined our Customer Relationship staff in 2015. In this role, Caitlin shared the Laddawn story and brought great service to life for life dozens of distributors (see: “engaging”). Last fall, she became a Laddawn Print Concierge. As point person for our print customers, Caitlin oversees the often complex work of printing.

She attributes her successes to her family. “My mom was always thoughtful and smart. She would challenge me.” Her dad offered the perfect balance, also smart, but always funny. “He brought a lot of physical comedy to our house.” She reflects on it all with gratitude.

Last June, Caitlin started her own family with a beautiful baby boy. “I’m so inspired by him, he’s perfect. I can’t wait to explore the world with him.” Careful, Caitlin. You know what they say about firstborns…