Customer Relationship Specialist

It takes 2.2 million years for light from the Andromeda galaxy to reach Earth. Christian christian graingerGrainger recently captured those ancient images. You’ll find them among his nearly half-terabyte collection along with photos of the International Space Station, Jupiter’s great red spot and Apollo 15’s lunar landing area. Christian finds it all so inspiring.

“An astrophysicist,” noted Neil deGrasse Tyson, “does not feel small looking up at the universe; we feel large.” He points to his mother with appreciation for the gift of creativity and wonder. Born in Ipswich, England (his parents met at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), Christian soon moved with his mother to Los Angeles and then later to Massachusetts. There, actor turned educator. She earned her doctorate and became a professor of English literature at
Northeastern University.

Christian would follow suit with an Northeastern degree of his own: a B.S. in Management Information Systems. He extended financial advice to brokers and served as an analyst at Putnam Funds. He provided software installations at Thompson Financial.

Through it all, Christian maintained a passion for science and history and – as his mother had – a desire to write. Christian entered a science fiction writing contest “just to get an editor’s
feedback.” He won! His science fiction short story was published in 2004.

On any given day, you might find Christian writing, working on his master’s thesis in history or photographing other worlds. Thirteen years ago, Christian’s own world changed in a most important and unusual way. He “met the most amazing person” on a Saturday, had dinner with her on Sunday and they married six weeks later.

At Laddawn, Christian is one of our more senior Relationship Specialists, serving most recently as trainer and coach, too. “I am interested in 5,000 different things. At Laddawn, I come in and do what I love day in and out.” That’s no small thing.