Customer Relationship Partner

Rising at 2 a.m., David Wornham will drive two hours to Plum Island, the 11-mile barrier island north of Boston. Then, as the sun rises over the sandy beaches and great marsh, he’ll capture the beauty of the shore’s avian residents: Sandpipers, Ibis, Osprey and his beloved (and protected) Piping Plovers. This winter, in the nearby Salisbury Reservation, he’ll photograph strikingly beautiful Snowy Owls, too.

dave wornham

“My passion for wildlife was a gift from my grandfather,” David reflects with a smile. “He was the consummate outdoorsman and an important influence in my life.” Weekends and summers, his grandfather encouraged David’s interest in all things flora and fauna. Then, as a teenager, he received his first camera from his dad – the iconic Kodak Brownie. It was perfect. Now, he could capture and share nature’s beauty. Highly competitive, David strives for perfect shots – images captured because “I was in the right spot and I was ready.”

And so, whether on the beach at dawn or waist deep in a brackish marsh, David is ever prepared. It is a high bar for personal performance and a mindset that has served him well in his professional life, too. Right out of school, his eye for photography and interest in graphic arts made him a natural fit for a B2B catalog provider of custom business forms. Later, he explored sales support and merchandising in beverage distribution and followed that with office management at an outdoors sportswear sales agency.

Along the way, he met the person he calls “beautiful, inside and out.” Together, they’re raising their three boys – replete with little league, hockey and scouting, of course. David is now a 9-year veteran of Laddawn’s Customer Relationship team. “I love the culture here and the friendships with colleagues and customers that naturally follow.”

Customer Relationship Partners bring passion and agility to their work as they share whatever subject matter expertise customers need. They have to be in the right spot and they have to be ready. Well, no wonder David is so good at it!