Vendor Sourcing Partner

She is the classic multidimensional Gemini. Quick and clever, imaginative and adaptable, Jayna is ever curious and fiercely independent. On the one hand, she’s a self-proclaimed “closeted nerd” who likes game nights with friends and writing. On the other, she’s a skydiver, kayaker and Warrior Dash competitor.

jayna warrior

Angelina Jolie and Bob Dylan are Gemini’s. So were John Wayne and Jacques Cousteau. Jayna was raised in the Massachusetts north shore communities of Lynn, Swampscott and Gloucester. She took riding lessons at the age of 11 and majored in horse management at Essex Agricultural High School. At Essex, Jayna participated in handson learning, caring for horses, sheep, cows, llamas and even exotic birds. It was at Essex that Jayna first embraced fitness and fell in love with kickboxing. It’s also where she began to write.

“I get my stubbornness from my dad and my creativity from my mom.” At Boston’s Emerson College, Jayna majored in literature and creative writing. As a teenager, Jayna had loved Tamora Pierce’s work in fantasy fiction. Today, Jayna writes her own creative fiction for young adults featuring a wise character based loosely on her own caring and plucky grandmother.

After graduation, Jayna explored Seattle and then returned home to the north shore – working in fitness clubs and restaurants along the way. Back at home, she tried skydiving, began trail running, continued kickboxing and developed a passion for kayaking. She joined our Customer Relationship (CR) team in 2012. CR Partners represent Laddawn in memorable and helpful ways. The best are quick, creative and possess big personalities. Just like Jayna.

Last year, she joined our Strategic Sourcing team. Now, with abundant industry and packaging subject matter expertise, Jayna cultivates relationships with nearly 100 certified vendor partners. At home, Jayna has renewed her animal connection. She and her beau Jeremy care for dozens of quail, chickens, a cat and three of the world’s biggest lapdogs. Weighing in at over 100 pounds and standing 30” paws to shoulders, their three Great Danes are true gentle giants. What a perfect home for a Gemini.