Customer Experience Partner

jose rodriguezPeer education is an approach to healthcare in which community members promote information, values and behaviors to peers. At sixteen, Jose Rodriguez worked as a Peer Educator at what is now an Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center. Even at that young age, Jose’s success in advocacy was aided by his ability to use emotional information to guide his thinking.

“Advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy,” former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power once observed. Jose knows. Empathy has been a defining attribute. It was his grandfather, a Vietnam veteran and Jose’s number one role model, who first taught him about it. Jose’s mother knew it, too. “If someone is having trouble, step in,” she told him. “Be that person.”

His parents knew one another in Puerto Rico but met again years later when both coincidentally moved to Chicago. They later moved east and Jose, the youngest of four, was raised 15 miles south of our Sterling facility. Bullied at eight, Jose would learn boxing through the Boys and Girls Club. It worked. More importantly, it taught him at that early age “the connection between commitment and results.”

At 18, he followed a brother to Chicago and worked in warehousing for a major Midwest super center. Returning home, he continued that work for a vitamin retailer. By the time our Sterling warehouse manager met Jose in 2010, his job experience was top-notch, but it was his focus on personal growth that stood out most. For seven years, Jose would be a successful member of the Laddawn teams responsible for shipping over 1.3 million orders.

Through it all, Jose has stayed true to his grandfather’s messages of empathy, affirmation and advocacy. And today, Jose works hard to carry that message to his own two sons and two daughters. “I am very blessed.”

This February, Jose made the jump from shipping to service. Laddawn Customer Experience Partners address over 1,200 customer workflow requests each day – through emails, phone calls and live chat. “I don’t think I ever appreciated all that went into each order.” His experience in Sterling is helpful, of course. But really, Jose is simply a guy who knows how to step in when someone is having trouble. Mom, he’s still that guy. On behalf of your new teammates in Customer Experience: Welcome aboard!