habits and decisions

I was driving to work last week and listened to a podcast where the guest was Charles Duhigg, New York Times writer and author of a new book called Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business. One thing that Duhigg said during the podcast that stuck with me was this:

“Habit is just a decision we stop making….”

I loved this quote. After a roughly ten-minute period of being jealous that I couldn’t define the word “habit” that elegantly, I started to think about how this applies to your daily life as a distributor. Many of you have been in your jobs for years and you have habits of your own. Have you programmed yourself to grab a cup of coffee every morning? Check a few websites? Respond to emails? Follow-up on phone calls? Get some quotes? We all have our habits.

We recently sent out a survey to you to better understand your habits. The responses we got back from you were incredibly favorable and that felt good to us. Thank you.

However, we don’t rest on those laurels. There was plenty of feedback about our website and we plan to take some action to make your online experience even better than it is now. To that end, we recently made a minor change to the sharing and saving buttons on the website. This is an effort to make these functions a little more clear.

share and saveOur share icon is now updated to be a more accurate reflection of what it is – a tool to share items and carts via email to your co-workers and customers. No faxing, printing or phone calls needed. Click share, add the email of the person you want to share it to,include a note (if you want) and boom – it’s sent. Don’t forget, you can even share a cart with your marked-up pricing to your customers – we provide the calculator on-the-fly. Many of you told us how much you loved that feature.

Our save icon was also updated for improved clarity. Think of this as your favorite products. Your “go-to’s.” Do you have an item that you order often for your business or a customer? Save it! When you come back to order it again, you can now skip the process of searching and looking through results. Just go to your saved items and it’s right there to quickly order again. A note though: you may want to avoid saving a product for the sole purpose of locking in a price – that might make your saved items list unnecessarily large and difficult to manage. Instead, put those in a cart and save them.

These share and save functions, among others, are different than the previous Laddawn website and required a change of habit for you. This is never easy, so we want to thank the thousands of you that have shared and saved items in the past months. Our goal behind the website was to introduce a brand new way to experience and purchase flexible packaging online. We will continue to work hard to bring you the innovations and time-savers needed to turn your decisions at work into easy habits!