Gain sales through higher involvement, not price.

Never before have the barriers-to-entry to the packaging market been lower. There’s plenty of room in the marketplace, but sales people used to selling on price are being challenged to compete like never before.

Profit Leaders

Sales people often tell me about their use of loss-leaders, items priced below market value, to open doors with new accounts. But I hear far less about efforts to use higher priced specialty products, or profit-leaders, to build lasting relationships. Sometimes called high-involvement sales, the strategy here is to anchor the relationship with a product the buyer will spend more time and effort sourcing. In these cases, product performance or quality will matter more to the buyer, and the logistics of the sale may provide a great opportunity to shine. It’s a profitable inroad.

A Product Profit Leader: Static Control Products

If you’re not selling packaging products for static control, you might want to think again. Static Control Products are growing fast as a category because they create profitable, sustainable new business opportunities. The technical concepts behind Static Control are not that difficult to understand. Anyone who’s received a static shock has experienced electro-static discharge (ESD). With electronic circuitry, ESD at levels too small to notice are still potent enough to produce a surge that can damage electronic components. Add the loss of production time and rework to customer dissatisfaction and you have a multi-hundred million dollar problem. Electronic components are used in just about everything today, and all these increasingly ESD-sensitive materials are stored or transported in ESD-protective bags. That’s a lot of bags.

A Program Profit Leader: Brandit Labeling
Most of Laddawn’s distributors have taken advantage of Brandit – custom labeling that’s seamless to your customers. With no cost or case minimum, Brandit places your logo, reorder information, routing and item numbers by location on every package and packing slip. Now consider this: the power of Brandit can extend easily to your customers. Facility managers are working harder than ever to track and control the movement of supplies. With the placement of their logo, bar-code, order and routing information on every item, you can help support those efforts in new and important ways.

Command a Higher Price
Buyers of higher involvement products are less likely to be motivated by price. There’s too much hassle associated with switching to a competitor. Providing ESD products with a little bit of confidence and expertise, or using Brandit labeling to improve your customer’s logistics, can give you that kind of advantage. With your hard-to-replace relationship in place, you’ll be free to explore other sales and service opportunities.

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