In selling, it’s not the story you tell, it’s what’s remembered that matters. Help your customers see the value of your product and service by utilizing memorable selling. It’s the surest way to win and keep profitable business.

All successful sales people have something in common.They understand how adults learn, and they use that insight to make their sales story memorable. Their techniques may vary, but here are 5 facts we’ve learned about memorable selling that will add something to every story.

Fact 1: Customers Need Information to be Relevant.

Place new information in the context of something your customer already know and cares about. “Remember last week when I told you Laddawn has over 2,700 stock items in inventory? Well, all that stock frees up our lines to produce custom items on demand. So, most of our custom orders go out in less than 10 days.” Ideas bridged back to those presented and accepted in the past are more memorable.

Fact 2: Customers Relate to Things they Can Visualize.

Paint pictures by comparing new ideas to familiar images. “Right outside my office, we have an inventory that covers the space of a football field and is stacked as high as the goal posts.We don’t just call items ’stock’; we keep them on hand, ready to ship.” Story telling is a great way to show personality and to provide a memorable association for a targeted message.

Fact 3: Customers Retain More with Repeated Exposure to a Topic.

Find different ways to make the same point. In this way, you can construct a 3-dimensional image of the topic.

Introduce it. “Remember when we discussed your need for faster quotes? allows us to provide accurate quotes in seconds.”

Tell a story about it. “Yesterday, a customer called me for a quote while driving to a sales call. By the time he got there, he knew his price and lead-time.”

Share it.

“Did you get the shared cart I sent you for the job you asked me to quote?”

Reflect back on it. “We sell almost as many custom bags as stock. That’s another reason we developed We want to show both stock and custom options for every opportunity.”

Fact 4: Customers Remember More When Information is Offered in Manageable Amounts.

Tell the full narrative of your sales story by breaking it into chapters. A “features dump” that covers everything you do may make an impressive list, but it’s doubtful your customer will remember much of it. Present one program, product, or value added element per discussion. We’ve found that sales people actually spend more time with customers when they stick to a single subject per meeting. Focused topics create deeper and more meaningful conversations.

Fact 5: Customers Retain More of What They Say, Do or Use.
Give your customer the opportunity to repeat and rephrase your benefit. People remember more when they can take the reins in a conversation. Ask a simple question like, “How does that compare with what you have now?” to initiate talkback. As they speak, customers will generate their own context and associations – making learning a breeze.

Sales Stories that Stick
Customers need to receive information in focused, relevant, and practical ways. Provide a meaningful context for your features and benefits, repeat it, paint pictures through story telling, focus on one aspect at a time, and then get them to put your value in their terms. The result will be a well crafted and memorable narrative of your value.

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