I love lemonade stands. There is something charming and nostalgic about supporting budding go-getters as they peddle the sweet summertime concoction. As a kid, the neighborhood crew would set up shop once or twice a season to try and make a few bucks. It was our first taste of the American dream: with a willingness to spend time working, some guts, smarts, Dixie cups and a bit of luck, the hope was to be on top of the world and flush with cash.
But how many for-profit lemonade stands exist in the United States and operate like a real business? I mean, actually pay taxes and employ people over the age of 11?
I’m guessing none. How can this be so? The most rudimentary business is actually a total bust! A non-starter.
Well, when you sell just one product, lemonade, there is only so much room to grow your beverage empire. You eventually plateau. Dreams can sour. You’ll leave your clientele wanting more, too. Once they get attached, they’ll say things like:
“I love lemonade and I love coming to your lemonade stand. You kids are so cute and sweet! Plus, you make it easy. You’re the only lemonade stand that accepts credit cards. You know those other children down the road, the ones that sell iced tea? They make me dig through my pocket book to find loose change. I wish you sold iced tea too, I’d buy it from you instead.” 
So, what do you do? A smear campaign against iced tea! Then, add more sugar. How refined. Actually, you expand your product offering, starting with iced tea. Coffee, soda, juice, water and energy drinks soon to follow. Maybe even snacks. I bet bubble gum would sell. How about magazines? Laddawn catalog, anyone?
Of course, I just described your local 7-11. Perhaps the natural evolution of a lemonade stand is a convenience store. This time-tested strategy, product expansion, is the essence of Laddawn’s Marketplace program.
Monolayer extrusion lines pumping out polyethylene have been incredibly good to us over the past 40 years. After all, we’ve had a huge stock program of high-demand packaging items we make ourselves. On top of that, we accommodate more customized requests through Made on Demand items, too. For us, those products were analogous to lemonade. And pink lemonade, lemonade with fruit or lemonade smoothies. Quench your thirst from every angle.
Our customers have long been asking us to do more for them. They want us to sell more of what they buy because Laddawn.com makes it so easy. If we had a nickel for every time someone asked us to start providing a new product, we could buy lots of lemonade. “Are you guys thinking of expanding into [insert product here] I would be your first customer.” I’ll have another cup of that.
The answer is yes. We have been expanding into other categories for the past decade and now source about 1/3rd of what we sell. A quick search on Laddawn.com’s shop widget is the result of forty years of work in the packaging industry. You see instant prices for items on our shelves, product we can Make on Demand and products that require a different manufacturing setup than we possess.
It’s seamless, but you’re often seeing all the relevant purchasing information, like pricing and availability, for items made by other manufacturers and industry partners. It’s through Laddawn.com that we’re enhancing the abilities of our certified partners. They make the goods; we enhance them with our follow-through, guarantees, and speed.
Our certified vendors love it because they get to focus on what they do best, manufacturing. In turn, we do what we do best, providing a painless buying experience where service sets us apart. Lastly, the feedback we get from you, the packaging distributor, is that you’re enjoying access to more products and markets while getting the same Laddawn customer experience you’ve come to depend on. This allows you to grow your business by expanding the bundle of products you sell to your end-user without the hassle. 
It’s the fastest growing part of our business. Expect to see more products all the time. The tree grows.
Just another way we yield new approaches that truly bear fruit for you.