Have you noticed how easy it is being a consumer these days?

consumer brands

Amazon. So easy.

In our personal lives, our favorite consumer brands are finding ways to remove friction from the buyers journey. At home, doing research, comparing prices, seamlessly checking out, getting tracking info, and post-purchase support has become so easy.

By now you’ve probably taken an Uber, shopped on Amazon, planned a vacation using Kayak or watched Netflix.  At the very least, you’ve likely relied on the GPS on your phone to get around town. If you haven’t tried or used those services and tools yet, you should, because they represent a fundamental improvement over the old way of doing things, ultimately making your life better.

Why should work be any different? Read on.

A friend of mine who works in an adjacent industry declares on his LinkedIn page, “I believe over the next decade some of the world’s most important innovations will come at the intersection of industry and technology.” These words are compelling and inspiring, in large part because in the last decade there has been very little innovation in our corner of the industrial world.

You woke up today and checked Facebook and SnapChat to see what your friends were up to. Or maybe you used your phone to see an hour-by-hour forecast in order to decide on long sleeves or short sleeves. At some point, you may have FaceTime’d with a loved one who lives far away. But some of you, especially if you’re in manufacturing or industrials, also went to work and used the fax machine. Seriously? The fax machine?

Life shouldn’t have to be hard once you’re at work.

It’s time to demand that manufacturers and wholesalers bring the same conveniences you see at home to your desk. You deserve it!

So what does Laddawn.com have to do with this?

Finding what you need to source for your customers instantly via our Searching Widget is the cornerstone of our functionality. Time is of the essence. But we also know that closing a sale is often a collaborative process and therefore our job can’t stop at simply getting you a price. Sharing opportunities with your co-workers (or even out to your customers) helps you take those next steps.

Saving Items keeps track of your frequently purchased items, reducing clicks (and time) for future orders.

Saving carts lets you revisit opportunities with your end users when they are ready to convert, preventing you from having to start from scratch when the time comes.

Every design decision we make is, in part, informed by how you have become accustomed to shopping at home. Searching, Saving, Sharing. These are familiar terms.

Our goal is to be on the leading edge of the movement that brings B2C functionality to the B2B world. Come join us!

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