Iconic father of mixed martial arts, movie star, writer, poet and philosopher, Bruce Lee often used martial arts as a metaphor for his teachings. Any knowledge, he would say, ultimately leads to self-knowledge. This particular quote seems odd considering Lee’s laser focus and relentless training. Was he talking about technique? You can take down much bigger opponents if you have the right technique. (See: Bruce Lee vs. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 1972). Some believe he was talking about the ability to strike forcefully and quickly once you cancel out noise. “Hack away at the unessential”, he would say. Yeah, there it is. As it turns out, Bruce Lee could teach you a thing or two about winning new business.

Enter the Draggin’: Pricing Custom, Printed Zip Top Business.

So, you have a sales opportunity for a custom, printed Zip Top. Great. You shoot an email over to your purchasing department who, in turn, reaches out to a vendor they know can print such things. After a bit of back and forth on the bag dimensions, artwork size and number of colors, they forward it over to their quoting guy. Won’t be long now. You’re in luck, after a little more back and forth, they’ve worked up your quote. The vendor sales rep emails the quote to your purchasing agent. She emails it to you. You forward it to your customer. 

Has it been a day? If everyone was available and had all the right information. Maybe 2. More likely 3.

Note to self: if you get this business, you’ll need to get your fists of fury on the art and kick it over to purchasing. They’ll forward it to the vendor so they can work up the technical drawings for the printing plates. There goes another few days.

Hack Away at the Unessential.

Bruce Lee believed in using less force and creating a flow. So do we. Let’s rewrite that pricing story.

So, you have a sales opportunity for a custom, printed Zip Top. Great. This time, you login to Laddawn.com, select Zip Tops, enter dimensions and click on Print Designer. You click Quick Quote for placeholder artwork, position it, size it and click on the number of colors. You hit Find. There it is. A price, a lead time and a technical drawing. You mark it up and share it right from Laddawn.com to your customer, copying your purchasing agent to keep him in the loop. 

Has it been a minute? If you didn’t stop to take a sip of your coffee. More likely 2. 

Note to self: if you get this business, you’ll need to call up the bag you just created and upload the real artwork. There goes another 2 minutes.

Less Effort, More Power.

No one wants to provide slow service. It just is what it is. Or was. People responsible for working up quotes have unique knowledge of manufacturing and costing. Laddawn.com systemizes that unique knowledge in the form of proprietary software and makes it accessible. Getting a price and lead time on a custom, printed item should be easier. And now, it is. Noise canceled, power increased.  

What Will You Do With Your Free Time?

Take down more opponents with your new online technique. Be faster and more powerful. Strike forcefully and quickly with less effort. Uncover new business, win new customers. Earn more. Smile more. Win more.