The annual family barbecue is upon you and there are decisions to make. From main dishes and sides to which Hawaiian shirt to wear, it is a task easier said than done. Do you go for those killer kabobs or a simple, ‘burgers and dogs’ menu? Nana’s famous potato salad recipe or Uncle Hank’s miraculous mac salad? Then, of course, there are dips to consider.

Getting away from the grill, packaging leaves us with a plethora of choices, too.  Finding the right fit for the job can be a more difficult assignment than you planned. Sure, a Poly Mailer or Pallet Cover seems self-explanatory, but there are other options to consider when choosing the right bag, like size, gauge, material, additives, and packaging type.

Before you start sweating – turn down the heat, take a breath and take a look at this. We’ve gathered an array of our best tools to help guide you toward your decision. Let’s get cookin.’

Poultry or Pork? A Material Match-Up

Mains are important, and the meat of your packaging is in the material. Unsure of what to go with? Not a problem. We’ve stacked up the properties of a few of the main contenders for you:

Just the Right Size Portion: Formulate A Fit

Now that you’ve met your material match, you must make sure your portions are accurate. A couple inches too big or too small can make the difference between bite-sized and over-sized. Here are a few simple formulas to help keep those measurements where they need to be.

From Thick and Juicy to Lean and Mean: A Gauge Guide

While that five-layer dip can be tasty, no one wants to break out a steak knife to dig into their burger because it’s more than their mouth can handle. You’ll need to gauge which gauge works best for the application.

Remember, if you aren’t sure what thickness you need, it’s a good idea to grab a sample to test it out! If you’re dealing with High-Density material, we have a handy-dandy conversion chart here, too.

Cue the Barbecue

Now that you know what you need, the right bag is easy to find over at With over 2,300 stock items and a host of custom options prepped and ready, you can take your pick, then relax and let the bag do the rest. Go on and get your grill on.