pack expo 2016

This is like 1/100th of the show floor

I attended my first Pack Expo show earlier this month. As someone who has attended my fair share of conferences and expos over the years, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pack Expo is the largest expo I’ve ever seen. Several thousand exhibitors showing off their wares to just over 50,000 attendees over four days, in a venue that felt like a large international airport? A show that kicked off with a large contingent of Chicago-based bag-pipers marching through the entirety of the hall? Yeah, that’s big.

Any preconceived notions I had about the demographics of the packaging industry were also shattered. To smithereens. People of all ages, colors, gender and country were present and culturally, that felt good. If you wanted to really see where the age divide was, for example, you could have simply stood outside the building and observed who was in the Uber waiting area and who was in the traditional taxi waiting area. That’s the amateur sociologist in me, I suppose.

This was also a very important Pack Expo for Laddawn. For many months you’ve been seeing teaser ads in our catalogs and hearing from our Customer Relationship team about printing. At our Pack Expo booth this year, we finally unleashed a barn-burner: Print Designer has arrived!

“Listen to the tide slowly turning,
Wash all our heartaches away,
We are part of the fire that is burning,
and from the ashes we can build another day.”

          “The Story In Your Eyes” The Moody Blues

print designer

What You See Is What You Get

If you’ve been involved in a print job, you know how easily it can all go wrong – artwork, placement, colors and more. Print Designer takes these manual steps, emails, phone calls, extra time and worry….and bids a fond farewell to them. Bye.

We’ve made printed projects quick, accurate and easy. An online visual editor gives you full control of what your bag looks like. See it as you build it. What’s more, we’ve given you the ability to instantly generate your price, lead times and precise technical drawings. And you can send that quote and PDF drawing instantly to co-workers or customers for feedback and confirmation.

It all happens in minutes.

We also assign you your own Laddawn concierge, a co-pilot if you will, to keep you updated on the status of your job and to proactively reach out to you so you know the status and steps of your order. At Pack Expo, we did demo after demo after demo for our distributors. What was the reaction?

“I saw the light, I saw the light,
No more darkness no more night,
Now I’m so happy, no sorrow in sight.”

          “I Saw The Light” Hank Williams

pack expo presentation

Director of Sales Mark Bourgeois giving a Print Designer demo.

The best part of the show for me was watching the eyes of our distributors light up when they saw Print Designer. Their excited reaction when they saw a bag being designed visually on the palette? That was fun. Seeing them get an email on their phone seconds later with a price and a PDF technical drawing of that print job? Very satisfying. The eyes tell the story and I saw our distributors eyes saying “this is a game-changer.” That makes our eyes light up. Your reactions made Pack Expo 2016 worth every second of effort. Thank you.

We spent months and months building, meeting, scoping, building more, refining, demo’ing……and then refining again. Our goal was similar to the goal we had when launching in 2014 – to make the flexible packaging process as easy as it can possibly be for our distributors. Based on the feedback, compliments and literal “wows” that I saw, I think this tool will be your ticket to printing money in no time. Now that’s a memorable first trip to Pack Expo!

“The night don’t feel like it used to
So I’m just trying to get used to
This light in my eyes,”
           “Light In My Eyes”  The Last Revel

Here’s a video introducing you to Print Designer and you can click here to get more info, including screenshots, additional features and a couple of how-to videos to get you started.