Sometimes a bag… isn’t just a bag.

Sometimes it’s a super-engineered feat of nanotechnology masquerading as a bag.

Yeah, you read that right.

Kind of like our catalog’s knight in shining armor. He’s not just the strong, silent type we pull out for marketing.

Behind the visor, there’s actually a brilliant guy in a white lab coat and safety glasses holding a black light. 

An industry innovator (that’s ARMOR) and an industry disruptor (that’s us), together making it easier and faster to source the best VCI packaging options on the market. On the planet.

You know what, forget that. Who needs metaphors when the science is this amazing? ARMOR Protective Packaging has joined the Laddawn cavalry. For 40 years, they’ve honed some razor-sharp technical chops and engineered high-performing products. An industry innovator (that’s ARMOR) and an industry disruptor (that’s us), together making it easier and faster to source the best VCI packaging options on the market.

Hang on to your lab goggles, kids, we’re diving into the science of rust-prevention packaging.

ARMOR VCI: Let’s Get Technical

Packaging and shipping isn’t rocket science until you have to ship a rocket. Or anything else with metal components, including aluminum alloys, zinc, brass, silver, copper-nickel and stainless, galvanized and aluminum steels. That’s when VCI additives in poly bags and other packaging make the magic — well, science — happen.

ARMOR’s vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) nanotechnology dissolves to form ions, saturating the packaging environment.

These inhibiting ions are attracted to and deposit on the metallic surfaces, displacing moisture in the process and re-associating to form a stable nanocoating. This barrier stands guard against oxygen, water, and other contaminants trying to infiltrate metal surfaces. 

ARMOR’s unique formula quickens the absorption process of the VCI and protects the package’s contents longer. And ARMOR VCI glows in blacklight, providing the coolest quality assurance ever.

So yeah, nanotechnology. Nanotechnology that helps solve the age-old problem of rust.

Sound like science fiction? Only until you see the test results. We love that ARMOR has put its stuff to the test again and again. We’re talking stringent corrosion testing in extreme humidity and high heat conditions. And their VCI products have proved that they vaporize quickly to protect metals faster and better than the competition. Every time.

Sure, Laddawn has offered basic VCI products for 20 years, and you can still order those today. But this partnership with ARMOR takes our VCI offerings from the “baking soda volcano” science level to the “we’re going to the moon” science level.

The Growing Market for Rust-Busting

The thing is, demand for VCI products used to be centered in the automotive industry. That’s certainly where VCI bags and paper and film got their start. But it’s not just automotive anymore.

VCI products comprise a segment of the corrosion prevention market valued at more than $400 million and growing. They’re at work in construction, electronics, export packing and shipping, metal engineering, firearms, military, pharmaceutical, jewelry and even musical instruments (isn’t that music to your ears?). There’s even a VCI application for your fishing tackle box. Holy mackerel indeed.

VCI technology is steadily improving and taking on the tough rust prevention jobs. And why not? It’s simpler, faster, and more environmentally friendly than messy corrosion-prevention oils and paint jobs.

Folks like ARMOR are always dreaming up new ways to infuse VCI technology into everyday stuff. VCI bags, film, stretch, shrink, wrap, desiccants, fiberboard chips, foam pads, rust remover and rust preventative liquids — they’ve created it all and backed it with incredible technical support.

See why we are geeking out about this collaboration?

ARMOR Up and Beat Rust Down

You’ll find 135 ARMOR stock SKUs in a dozen categories at your fingertips on That’s their entire line of stock VCI products. All of them are backed by the full might of ARMOR Protective Packaging and its trusted reputation with OEMs in 25 countries. Their products are already qualified with and requested by movers and shakers in multiple industries (including the U.S. Military).

It’s a whole new world of rust-busting action on You’ll find:

ARMOR POLY® VCI Bags, Film & Tubing

Layflat, gusseted, zip tops, sheeting, film and tubing


Rust prevention paper coated on both sides with VCI available in sheets or rolls

ARMOR SHIELD® VCI Desiccants & Emitters

Clay Tyvek and cloth desiccants, emitters including chipboard, foam pads, and foam emitters

ARMOR Liquids & Solutions

Rust removal bath and gel, and liquid rust preventer

It’s all created using cutting-edge extrusion technology and proprietary VCI Nanotechnology. They’re simply the best. No variables in that equation.

As a distributor, the ordering experience is just what you expect, with one addition. We’ve added ARMOR’s icon to the top row of the order widget. It’s the first time we’ve put a manufacturer front and center — that’s how much we believe in ARMOR’s quality.

Go ahead, poke around. Use the multiple cart function to order ARMOR products along with your Print Designer bags and other go-tos. Everything is in stock and ready to ship with no order minimums, and orders placed by 12:30 ET are on their way the next business day. By the way, if 135 options still don’t fit the bill, Laddawn Customer Experience can help you get the custom solution you need.

Source quickly, sell confidently. That’s always been Laddawn’s promise. To serve and preserve. That’s ARMOR’s promise. Together, this means smarter, faster, easier access to the best and most reliable corrosion protection products out there. That’s not science. That’s magic.