I have a dozen or so internet bookmarks that are daily stops on Al Gore’s highway. Some are fun, others help me professionally and a few more keep me updated on news and sports. Whenever I see that they have new or updated website features, I get a real sense of excitement and anticipation. Exploring them is akin to that feeling I get when I first explore a vacation house I’m renting or travel to an unfamiliar city and see what it has to offer.

Today, we have something fresh to offer you. Your updated Laddawn.com website has a few changes, intended to improve your overall experience. Let’s explore them.

First, the largest and most obvious change you’ll see is that the search functionality on the home page has been widened and streamlined. This is where most of your activity and interaction on our website occurs. You have also told us through surveys and phone calls that this is where the focus should be. We’re listening. So welcome to the new, wider search area!

updated website features

Second, after you input your product specifications and click “Find,” you’ll now see a progress wheel. Your feedback indicated that some of you were not sure what was happening in the time between clicking Find and seeing your results. The addition of this wheel simply lets you know that our website is pulling together your results from our flexible packaging marketplace. Think about when you do a search on Expedia – same idea. They’re gathering flights from different airlines, while we’re gathering packaging options across our marketplace.

Third, we’ve reduced the amount of ads and other graphics to speed up and simplify your page. Finally, we adjusted the size of the homepage video to be rectangular and more in line with how you see videos internet-wide. The new streamlined design loads faster, looks better and is focused on the core things you need and the helpful content you want.

Now let’s take a look at your updated results page, which has also been expanded to full length.

Your “Save” and “Share” buttons have been relocated and are now adjacent to the product description link in your results. It’s now much clearer what you are sharing and saving. You’ve also told us how important the ship date is, so we’ve moved that up in your results to a more prominent position on your page. Clicking that date link lets you know which of our five manufacturing locations your product is available to ship from. The link for Price Breaks and Freight information are now along the bottom of each result, along with your total cost. We’ve added a much clearer, visually pleasing button for adding products to your cart.

updated website features

We’re always working to make your Laddawn.com experience better, so bookmark our blog to stay updated on our products, new videos, announcements and much more.