It’s been said that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Okay. But can you imagine how much faster it could have been constructed with today’s tools in hand? Even in ancient times, time was precious. So, isn’t it about time you saved some? Our tool box – A.K.A. – is chock full of everything you need to save hours of steps, searches, and second-guessing later. Now throw on a set of safety goggles and drill into these time-saving tips:

Remember when you borrowed that drill from your brother-in-law and he hounded you at every family barbeque until you returned it? Well, we have a bevy of tools in our garage that you are welcome to, and you can keep ‘em! Back your pickup truck up to our “For Your Website” page and load up on product photos, descriptions, price lists and more. Download what you need and put it directly on your site. We even offer customized branded sell sheets for when your sales reps are heading out on the road to visit customers. Just download them from our “Sell Sheets” page and you’re good to go. That’s value that can’t be measured by any tape.

This innovative technology allows your back end systems to communicate with ours. Head to, and fill out this form. Our web experts will reach out to you within 1- 2 business days to get the wheelbarrow rolling. Even if you don’t own an e-commerce site, as long as you use an order processing platform as part of your operations, then your orders will be sent straight to us. No heavy lifting – once qualified, Laddawn’s tech concierge will walk you through the entire process to ensure that all the cogs in this machine are well oiled and running smoothly.

Sure, you might always need that monkey wrench on hand but isn’t it better when you can press a few buttons, walk away and boom – the job gets done? That’s innovation. That’s Preferences. And setting them will save you hours of emails, faxes, and phone calls.

Head to My Account under Workflow. Set up automatic notifications to keep your people in the loop when you take an action. Need to give a heads up to your purchasing agent when you share a cart? Easy. Need to give another team member access so you can pass the baton? No problem. It’s an email CC you don’t have to worry about remembering – it’s already done for you. No wrenching required.

Next, switch gears over to Shipping. Here you can set a standard for all locations, or drill down to each individual location. Preferred (or banned) shipping carriers, pallet type, pallet height, where to place bar-coded labels… it’s the customer-specific stuff that keeps trust high and mistakes low. And when it’s set in advance, there’s no risk of forgetting it.

We’ll get it where it needs to go. BrandIt has a bucket of gadgets built to bolster your brand. Instantly customize labels with your logo, part numbers and company information. How’s that for handy? And don’t forget our BrandIt Sales Tools –sell sheets, quotes and more, all with your company logo and info. Get yourself equipped for some repeat business. Sales will reach new heights. You don’t even need a ladder.

A masterpiece takes time to create. Of course. We understand. But how often do you know a job is going to feature artwork before you actually HAVE the artwork? Print Designer can generate an accurate quote for your customer without that final design. Our Quick Price tool calculates the most common size of print for your size bag and uses placeholder artwork to obtain immediate pricing. Better still, put aside the paint brush and pick from our list of stock images (let’s be honest, most customers want a simple suffocation warning or recycling symbol anyways). Once that’s done, our Print Concierge is dedicated to each and every printed order to ensure that the process is quick and painless. Print Designer. It’s as efficient as it is inspiring.

Sure, you already use’s search bar all the time. Search is your Swiss Army Knife. But let’s brush up on everything it can do for you.

Start with SHOW ME. If there’s a custom match for your search that you’ve previously saved or ordered, the SHOW ME link pops up above the results. This takes you right to the proven product you’ve saved or your customer ordered in the past. Skip a few steps, share repeat orders with your customer, and eliminate the chance of ordering the wrong item.

Oh, and here’s another time-saving tip to toss in your toolkit: once you enter a quantity for a search result, you can hover over the information icon to get pallet info and a price comparison for quantity discounts at a glance.

Now it’s time to Save your favorites under My Items (lest you get stuck researching and repricing next time). That little heart icon will lead the way. Enter as many items as you like. As your list grows, you can easily whittle it down with Tags.

For each item saved, add multiple item numbers, descriptors, and more. Location, customer, industry, you name it. Create custom tags for whatever makes sense for your business, down to the nuts and bolts. This way, pulling up a saved item is a breeze. Trends and opportunities are easier to spot. For instance, see everything you source for Archie’s Axe Throwing Adventures at a glance, or identify which items might make sense for your new customer, Hillary’s Hardware Emporium.

Another go-to gadget to remember: If you’ve saved a product with your own item number in Laddawn’s system, you can search with that number instead of the Laddawn item number.

This is a tad more advanced than a system of pulleys and levers. You’ve gone ahead and saved everything you need; now Share it with the world – or your customers, at least. We aren’t talking single items. Leave those shears alone and let us bring out the buzz saw for bundles. That’s multiple items, old and new, stock and custom, together in one cart that you can instantly send your customers. Heck, Quick Add an extra item right from the cart if you need a tweak. Mix and match however makes sense for your business. You can even name carts so they’re easily found again.

Customers want their options fast. No tedious twisting of screws, just drive it right in. That’s why the Share function in a cart is your best friend. It’s simply the fastest way to get multiple great options in front of your people and your customer.

Once you’ve clicked Share, it creates an email of your cart and lets you add your logo and markup all in one screen using our Markup Tool. Then you can send it off to your customer with nary a mention of Laddawn. Our carts have an eternal shelf-life, so they’ll never get rusty. Pricing is guaranteed for two weeks, and can be repriced with one click after that.

Oh, and we’ve made it darn near impossible to share your costs with your customer by accident. Once you click on Share with My Customer, each item must be marked up before you can hit Send. Plus, if you’re sharing internally and you type an email that we don’t recognize as part of your company, a red warning box appears around the email address.

Our tools are yours for the taking. And keeping. Now that you know how to utilize them, press the on button and let us do the heavy lifting. Forget the Romans – just imagine what you can do with that much more time.