Mmmm, dinner time. Soup is on the menu, and it’s your favorite. The perfect thing for a cold winter’s night. All is right with the world as it’s served up with that perfect curl of steam, some crusty bread, and a knife to eat it with…

Uh, wait a second.

Where’s the spoon? Well, here’s a fork… no, hang on, get someone to check the kitchen… no spoons. C’mon now, your soup is cooling fast. Oh, good, here comes the server. He says the cafe has a shipment of 10,000 spoons coming in a week, do you mind waiting? Hold on, what?

Bye-bye, delicious, decadent, perfect winter soup. All of the irony of Alanis Morissette’s 10,000 spoons, and you’re still hungry.

Get clean. Get small. Get speedy: Introducing Chicopee® Wipers

Enough with metaphors, however tasty. When you need that one thing, nothing else cuts it. You don’t need 1,000 cases next month—your customer just needs one and they need it now. Enter Laddawn. And enter Chicopee Wipers.

It’s official. Wipers are debuting as Laddawn’s first offering beyond the world of packaging, courtesy of our new partners at Berry Global.

True, these humble wipers aren’t packaging. But you’ve told us that you sell industrial wipers and that you’d like us to offer the Chicopee line. So here’s your spoon. It’s a new resource to bolster business, another way Laddawn can help you do it faster, more easily and just plain better. Packaging is no longer the total package.

And why Chicopee? They’re an industry leader in wiper technology. We’re carrying a full line of Chicopee’s wiping product solutions, with stock items that can handle everything from industrial grease and grime to more sensitive applications in critical cleaning environments. They’re so absorbent, durable, and soft. They’re purposely designed to replace rags and laundered shop towels. And oh yeah, they’re reusable, so they’re more environmentally-friendly than single-use alternatives.

So add as few (or as many) cases as needed to your Laddawn order—even just one when you’re in a pinch. For small quantities, you’ll find prices that beat out pokey wholesalers. Like all products in our stock program, they’ll ship within 24 hours.

Zip in, zip out with the toughest and highest performing disposable wiper on the industrial market.

What the Wiper?

Chicopee Wipers aren’t just a natural fit for our distributors—they’re the start of a beautiful partnership between Berry Global and Laddawn.

Wipers are just the start of the good stuff. We now have access to Berry’s best-in-class technology in any number of new product categories, paired with the ninja agility of Laddawn’s online ordering and lead times. The result? Everybody wins—especially you, America’s packaging distributor.

You’ll get entire new product categories gift-wrapped in the award-winning customer experience and service you expect with Laddawn.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Find Your Spoon. That Is, Wiper.

Head over to the Shop tab on or flip open the January/February catalog—you’ll find 19 Durawipe industrial wipers, along with four Durawipe shop towels. You’ll also see 10 Veraclean items for critical cleaning applications. Choose your dispenser box (pop-up and z-fold), or go with flat packed or jumbo rolls. We’ve even included floor stands and wall mount dispensers in the lineup.


Chicopee industrial wipers are engineered to stand up to the toughest situations with nuanced applications. They’re rugged enough to swipe up the grimiest stuff manufacturing can produce, while soft enough to deliver all shine and no scratch to a chrome grill.

The secret is Spinlace® technology. This unique triple layer construction picks up oil and water by the gallon, and is sturdy enough to withstand multiple uses and washes. We offer nine Durawipe Heavy-Duty Wipers, eight Medium-Duty Wipers, and two Light-Duty Wipers.


Need something even tougher than wipers? Durawipe Shop Towels are twice as strong as the leading wiper and can replace laundered shop towels. They’re tear-resistant even on rough surfaces, with superior oil and water absorbency for heavy duty general purpose applications. These big kahunas are still easy to rinse and provide low-linting, so there’s no wiping up after the wiper.


When a gentler application is necessary, Veraclean Wipers offer a durable solution ideal for finishing touches and removing unseen residue. They’re both ultra-soft and thick, most at home in critical environments. They’re the wipers for removing residue, dirt particles, and fingerprints not necessarily visible to the eye.

What Should We Serve Up Next?

Let’s be clear. Wipers are just the start.

Packaging is no longer the total package.

It’s soup to nuts from here on out. This is just the first wave of Berry-Laddawn synergies, and there’s more to come. In the coming months, you’ll find banding film, hand stretch, shrink film, and more. But wipers come first based on your feedback, and we want to hear from you again. What would you like next?